Odyssey Gambling – A Risky Practice

As a Licensed Monitoring Operator (LMO) to the Queensland Club and Hotel industry, Odyssey has worked in partnership with eBet Ltd, an Australian gaming systems developer, to trial eBet’s card-based pre-commitment tool in clubs across the state. This method has been approved by the Gaming Control Committee for roll-out in Queensland and can be acquired to clubs and casinos throughout Australia.

Odyssey Gambling – A Risky Practice

Along with being truly a profitable activity, gambling is often a form of problem behaviour that needs professional intervention. As a result, it is important to ensure our clients are made aware of the risks associated with gambling and to provide them with a safe environment to play. Free online gambling casino

The connection between gambling and other addictions is a huge growing concern for clinicians, with AOD (alcohol and other drug) users being identified as having significant co-occurring issues when engaging in problematic gambling. As a result, a holistic method of addressing the issue is needed and a number of resources have now been developed. These resources add a tri-fold client handout, a waiting room poster and a wallet sized quick reference reminder for clinicians.

OHV / Licensed Monitoring Operator / Queensland LMO

As a Licensed Monitoring Operator (LMO) in the market, Odyssey has worked in partnership with a number of companies to provide services and support to the club and hotel sector. Along with providing a number of monitoring and compliance services, including audits, inspections and licence renewals, Odyssey offers a range of training and education programs and is dedicated to promoting responsible gaming in the state.

Creating a suite of resources for the AOD sector

Included in our commitment to delivering the best standards of care, we allow us a series of tools and resources for the AOD sector. These are created to help AOD clinicians identify and support clients who could have co-occurring gambling issues. These resources have now been produced with the help of a consortium consisting of OHV, the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction at Flinders University and the South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services.

These tools can help clinicians to identify their client’s risk profile and to be more in a position to assess the likelihood of a client presenting with gambling problems, along with the underlying cause of their problems. These details will enable them to provide more targeted and effective treatment.

Managing risk in the AOD sector can be an ever-evolving field, and there is a continuing need to develop and implement far better strategies to cut back the risks associated with gambling and AOD use. These are some of the more commonly used resources to aid AOD practitioners in ensuring they’ve a thorough knowledge of the matter and can effectively manage the risks for their clients.

1.1.1 The Odyssey console

The Odyssey was the first commercial home gaming console and is credited with pioneering the development of the first generation of video games. The Odyssey was launched in 1967, and was manufactured by Magnavox. It absolutely was just one console that allowed up to three players to play one of many 28 games. It absolutely was powered by six batteries and had a reset button that reset the system’s visual elements to a random position. The machine came packaged with dice, paper money and other board game paraphernalia, along with the first gaming light gun that was sold separately.

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